About Belarus

Full name: The Republic of Belarus

Government type: presidential republic

Capital: Minsk (1,9000,000)

Population: 9,480,000 (73% in cities)

Major languages: Belarusian, Russian

Monetary unit: Belarusian, ruble

Total area: 80,154 sq mi (207,600 sq km)

Belarus is situated in the in the north-east of Europe and has international borders with five countries, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia

Weather Belarus has a moderate continental climate, with cool humid winters and warm summers Average temperatures in Belarus are vary across Belarus. In January, temperatures average from -4.5°C to -8°C. In July the average temperature is +17°C to +18.5°C. Some parts of Belarus experience sub-zero temperatures for more than a third of the year.

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The most captivating places of interest in Belarus include surprising castles and family manors, magnificent temples and monasteries, unique nooks of pristine nature, ancient engineering constructions, interesting museums and ethnographic villages, birthplaces of famous painters, writers, and scientists…

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