Servas Argentina invites you to practice language and Tango!

Dear Servas Member

In Argentina we´re organizing the CSE (Cultural Servas Exchange program) focused in Tango. It is a 3 weeks program, and the dates are flexible. We invite females or males who want to practice language and Tango in our country. There´s no special date for the program, we organize everything based on the candidate trip.

People of Servas Argentina will give all kind of tips and orientation as well as company many times, to the tango classes and milongas. Also Spanish classes will be scheduled.

The candidate shall pay the ticket and the meals and extras during the stay (classes, tickets for the milongas, taxis, etc.) It´s preferable (but not a must) that the candidate has some language knowledge before coming here.

During the stay, we would like that the candidate offers different kind of activities: a speech about his/her country, teach how to cook something, etc.

If you are interested or have any questions, please send an email to



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