Servas Peace within Nature Meeting w Turcji

Zapraszamy na spotkanie organizowane przez Servas Turkey w Isparcie, w dniach 27-29 maja 2011. Poniżej informacja od organizatorów:

Servas Peace within Nature Meeting,

May 27-29th, 2011-Isparta/Turkey


The undiscovered lands are waiting to embrace you in the south west of Turkey on the Taurus Mountains . This magnificent place is called Yenişarbademli/Isparta. Servas Turkey is organising an event called Peace within Nature Meeting. Why don’t you come and join us to observe and welcome the bloosom of the spring, sleep under the bright millions of stars very far from the ‘modern life’, mix up with the local people and share our hopes, actions and worries about peace. Chatting from tent to another in the darkness with the sounds of the wild animals in the middle of nowhere is thrilling, isn’t it?

If you are willing to be among us, in the heart of the nature and an authentic culture get in touch with us for registration and more info.

Event: Servas Peace within Nature Meeting.

When: May 27-28-29th, 2011

Where: Yenişarbademli/Isparta (Altitude: 1150 meters). 313 km far from Antalya .

How to get there: From Antalya airport, first take the bus to Isparta (136km). Change the bus in Isparta and take the one to Yenişarbademli (177 km).

Accomodation types: Camping or Dormitory

Note: Open to national&international Servas members and Servas friends.

FRIDAY (may 27th)

14:30- Departure from Isparta to Yenişarbademli

16:30- Setting the camp

Camp fire

Wild animal observation (optional)

(Tent, Sleeping bag, Mat and food for next day’s climbing tour will be delivered)

19:00  Dinner – Gözleme Ayran

Traditional Halvah Cook

Henna night, Songs, Oxcart, Candles, Torches and TATTOO

22:30- Silence

SATURDAY (May 28th)

05:00 Waking Up

05:30 Village breakfast with hot milk, honey, eggs etc.

05:30 Peak climbing (under supervision of local guides)

15:00 Return to camp area.

15:00 – 16:15 P1nargözü Cave , photo shoot with monument trees

16:30 Dinner (Traditional wedding meal and halvah)

18:30 Village coffee house visit, chat with local people.

20:00 Presentations of guest countries-optional.

22:00 Concert in camp area with group “Snow Sparrow” and entertainment

23:30 Night soup

SUNDAY (May 29th)

08:00 Waking Up

08:00 – 09:00 Village breakfast

10:00 Departure from Yenişarbademli with yachts.

10:00-13:00 Lake tour and lunch.

13:30 – 18:00 City walk in Beyşehir (Historical remains)

18:30 Dinner in an authentic restaurant and Closing Ceremony.

21:00 Departure to Isparta

23:00 Arrival to Isparta.

Fee: € 80  for each. Transportation, Meals, Tent, Mat, etc. are included.

A power unit and WC will be provided in camp area.
There will be a stall selling drinks and snacks.
Participants should bring their boots, coats and bags.

Special Note: Please bring something specific (pictures, games, candies, story, peace idea, etc.) related to your country to share with us.

Contact persons:

Onur Saglik: /  Servas Member


Mehmet Ates/ Servas Turkey Peace Secretary


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