Spotkanie Servas w Holandii

W dniach 1-6 czerwca 2012 w Lage Vuursche odbędzie międzynarodowe spotkanie Servasu organizowane przez holenderski Servas.

Gorąco zachęcamy do uczestnictwa i szybkiej decyzji – organizatorzy czekają na zgłoszenia i zaliczkę w postaci 120 € do 15 grudnia. Poniżej krótka informacja od organizatorów, a więcej szczegółów i formularz zgłoszeniowy znajdziecie na stronie holenderskiego Servasu –

We offer you a program of various activities and lots of fun in the Servas-spirit, above as well as below sea-level. People from all continents and all ages are very welcome!
We are traveling by bus and we will visit many interesting places in The Netherlands:
-the Zaanse Schans: a historic village on the banks of the river Zaan with characteristic green wooden houses, charming stylized gardens, small hump-backed bridges, tradesmen’s workshops and old windmills (;
– the world-known and biggest international trade centre for flowers and plants in Aalsmeer (;
– the typical Dutch polder-landscape and the forests around the village Lage Vuursche near Utrecht and
– Amsterdam with a broad selection of sightseeing choices led by Servas-members in small groups.

Our accommodation is a bit more than one hour away from Schiphol International Airport at Lage Vuursche. The accommodation is owned by an organization of nature-friends (NIVON) and located in a beautifully forested surrounding with a peaceful atmosphere.
Costs and formalities:
The registration fee is € 220 per person (€ 150 under 12 years), including meals, lodging and bus transport for excursions.
You can send an email for more information to:

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