Spotkanie Servas Youth w Afryce

Zapraszamy na spotkanie Servas Youth, po raz pierwszy w Afryce. Poniżej zaproszenie od jednego z organizatorów, Mosesa Kigozi z Ugandy.


31 July-6 August 2011 in Kampala on Lake Nyanza (Victoria).
Lweza Training and Conference Center
Following the experience and the success of an important line of international youth events in the world now here we are presenting our first edition in a beautiful African land.
Argentina, Britain, Turkey and Mexico has hosted this event before and now here we are planning at this time, thirteen month ahead of landing  in Uganda, to learn and be stimulated by this fantastic country.
The annual youth international events are open to all of those members that believe in the youth as a value, that believe on the power of the young minds and spirits. We are working hard to offer Servas new generations of leaders. Leaders connected with the experience of the older and with the enthusiasm of the younger Servas people.
Every member that at some point has had the chance to experience and live one of this events know about the power and moving transformation that take part during them.
We have a plus on this opportunity, will be sharing the venue and agenda with the African Regional Meeting. It will be an excellent moment to increase our synergy and outreach. A new line of young African leaders is on the way, you need to be there to take part of this historic moment for Servas.
The event will occur during the month of July- August 2011 (31 July-6 August)in Kampala, Uganda, hosted by Servas Uganda.
Contacts and more information on the event will be provided through various Servas channels. Make a note on your next year agenda right now !!

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