Wolontariat w Turcji

Mehmet, członek Tureckiego Servasu, organizuje wolontariat w swoim rodzinnym miasteczku na południowym wschodzie Turcji.

Poniżej zaproszenie od Mehmeta:

I would like to invite everyone to Antakya/Turkey to participate in the children progamme called Live with us Share with Us that I have been running for 6 years now. Servas volunteers come to the village live local people’s homes and teach kids anyhting they know. For example; art, languages, peace issues, environmental activities, music, drama, chess, games, dances, etc. We have a big Servas party with local people (500 people more or less) at the end of the programme every year.

The event time: July 6-16th.
Here is the link to see what we did in the last 5 years: https://www.facebook.com/groups/95345139652/
Always the best&Peace,
Mehmet Ates
Former Peace Secretary of Servas Turkey

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